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Hey all! So I'm transitioning to a new journal. Check me out at [info]perskettios .
I just needed a little change. I'll be keeping this one active for the time being until I can join some of my communities that require a journal to be up for more than six months. But it'll all be crossposted.


 There is nothing in life that makes me happier than watching the Martha Stewart Halloween episode.
 Dear random real housewife of atlanta I unfortunately caught when I didn't turn the channel fast enough, 
                 It's pronounced jew-el-ry not jew-ry. If you can't say it you shouldn't buy it. 

Oct. 11th, 2008

 There's a mouse in my apartment. I've decided to cede him the library as long as he promises to wear a bell so he doesn't startle me. If he hadn't snuck up on me (rather closely at that) he'd have been rather cute. Stupid nature.


You're welcome

Sep. 1st, 2008

I passed the written first half of my barista test! And I snuck a peek at the practical section and it's all drinks I know how to make. So pretty soon I'll be able to run the bar all by myself. I'm probably more excited than I really should be. But yay! 
My dinner consisted of a pb&j (strawberry jelly, of course) and macaroni and cheese. My dessert was oreos. I'm a grown up.

Dear Diane Lane,

Please stop being pretty and charming and making me think that eventually I'll stop finding Under the Tuscan Sun to be boring. Ok, so you wear some cute clothes and Sandra Oh always seem pretty fierce even when the show or movies she is in suck hard (I'm looking at you Grey's Anatomy). But falling for obviously smarmy types and bursting into fits of girlish giggles is beneath you and it makes me nervous to see movies with mostly women casts. See what you've done Diane Lane? You've made me a bad feminist. I hope you're happy. Oh, and I saw the preview to your new film. Please stop cutting your hair like that unless you also plan on coaching a peewee soccer team.


Summer+Mowing-Air Conditioning=

Answer A: I will become fabulously svelte and buff (can one be both at the same time?)
Answer B: An early grave

I've mowed about a third of the yard. I'll mow another third around dusk and finish it off tomorrow morning.

My thoughts whilst mowing: "Couldn't we just get a pet goat?"


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